Topics of interest

Submissions should support interaction between CPS and SLE (and general software engineering).

For instance, the following topics may facilitate such interaction:

  • Modeling languages and simulation for CPS
  • Domain analysis of application areas for CPS
  • Domain engineering for CPS
  • Domain-specific languages (DSL) for CPS
  • Domain-specific optimizations for CPS
  • Specific constraint systems for CPS
  • Configuration languages for CPS
  • Ontologies and reasoning for CPS
  • Specifications, contracts and verification for CPS
  • Program generators and program analyses for CPS

Submissions on any application area of CPS are welcome.

Concrete use cases as well as general considerations on application areas are appreciated:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Chemical processes
  • Civil infrastructure
  • Robotics
  • etc.

Workshop language

The workshop uses German as a workshop language.

Speakers may present in English.

Submissions may be written in English and German.


See information elsewhere regarding submission format and procedure.

Accepted papers are published in the proceedings of INFORMATIK 2011 in the LNI series of the GI..

Submissions must observe the page limit (15 pages) and comply with the LNI format.


WS4C 2011 is a one-day workshop.

The target size is 20-25 participants.

The program may start with one invited talk.

The program features approx. 7 technical paper presentations.

There is going to be a moderated panel/discussion session at the end.